Led-liquid Drumming Session

A Synesthetic performance which turns into audio visual treat to make your jaws down.

Drum Events India is making big waves in the entertainment industry with the release of their latest LED-Liquid Drumming shows which are one of the best audio visual acts. It’s a must see ‘ÁUTHENTIC’ ACT COMBININ THE ACTS OF lighting, sound, water, fire and the invigorating effects of different elements and choreographed with LED Drums, Firehead Sticks, Tron Costumes, Laser Drumsticks and Mallet Beaters.

It’s an audio visual treat where drumming is designed to be highly adaptable for audiences of all ages which takes them on a colorful dreamlike travel combined with sounds of greatest impact. A beautifully self contained team, constantly deviate from the stage, interacting with the audience so they feel immersed in the musical feeling which unfolds, intensifies and culminates in a dramatic climax. Its a must art combining the act light,sound,water and fire.


  • Annual days
  • R&R meets
  • Launches
  • Camp fire joints
  • Exhibitions
  • Training events
  • Parties
  • Team outings

Musical Objectives

  • Team building
  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • Audience engagement
  • Stress bursting / relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Engagement of 10-500 participants

Duration : 30-90 minutes



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