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Engagement Activites

Interactive Drum Circle

Is a fun, exciting and powerful way to bring individuals together through music.

A team building activities that promote camaraderie, confidence and bonding among the participating group. Participants play on African hand drums called Djembes and are guided by trained music facilitators to create harmonious rhythms together. Drum Circle participants express themselves
collectively by using chorus of tuned drums, percussions, and vocals to create musical beats, grooves and songs together while having a great time.

Check out our videos – Drum Circle Video 1 | Drum Circle Video 2

SALIENT FEATURES : Interactive l Collaborative l Builds energy l Relieves stress l Unifies the group l Identify personality traits l Mass audience engagement


Not only WHACKY and fun – these instruments are therapeutic.

Boomwhacker orchestra is a highly engaging and amusing team building activity where the whole group plays together with what is a RAINBOW of colors (using pentatonic tubes) When you play them, the precisely tuned, sweet sound creates a comfortable mood and an energizing session of rhythm and melody that lifts the spirits of the participants instantly Handing out and handing back these small instruments takes minutes, even for groups of several hundred.

Check out our videos – Boomwhacker Video 1 | Boomwhacker video 2 | Boomwhacker 3

SALIENT FEATURES : Engaging l Collaborative l Builds energy l Relieves stress l Physical play l Therapeutic l Unifies the group l Ice breakers l Mass audience engagement

Bash The Trash

Transform even the simplest stuff into coolsounding musical instruments, and how you can make your own music !

A creative, competitive and collaborative team activity where the participants will be given Junkyard materials to create their own musical instruments. Facilitators will guide participants how to create different harmonies using the instruments. Involves application of art and science, leadership skills, creativity, problem solving, interaction and co-ordination and negotiations within the team.

Check out our videos – Bash the Trash Video 1

SALIENT FEATURES : Collaboration l Creativity l Customer centricity l Leadership l Project management l Problem-solving l Indoor and Outdoor Team Building

Body Percussion

Body percussion is the art of striking the body to produce various types of sounds for didactic, therapeutic, anthropological and social purposes.

Drum Events enhances the original human body language with many body music techniques to play with, and many creative activities. Sound repertoire: types of hand clapping, finger snapping, footsteps and stomps, mouth vacuum,
tongue cracks, chest and cheek beats, vocal percussion, whistles, blows, fictitious languages including toe tapping, high fives, thigh slapping, stepping, finger snapping, hand warming,
applause, humming, chanting and so on. Exercise movements like clapping further from the body, standing, slow and frozen movements, tempos, jumping and dancing.

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Entertainment Activites

SALIENT FEATURES : Glow Show l Stunt l Audio Visual treat l Dramatic Climax l Immersed in music l Relaxing l Entertaining l Party l Celebrations l Gala Events l Weddings l Festivals

Afro-D-Asia Band

Fusion Performances of Drum Events are blended with a combination of African and traditional musical instruments. With a magical blend of Ancient,Modern, Western and African, it portrays the trend to honour cultural diversity and uniquely creates trance like rhythms for one and all. While creating fusion harmonies, the music is foot tapping, powerful and uplifting and the performance will continue to wow the crowds to the maximum.

Check out our perfromance – Afro-d-asia Video 1 | Afro-d-asia Video 2

LED Liquid Drumming

A must see Authentic Performance combining the acts of LIGHTING, SOUND, WATER, FIRE and the invigorating effects of different elements and choreographed with LED DRUMS, FIREHEAD STICKS,

Check out our performance – LED Liquid Video 1 | LED Liquid Video 2 | LED Liquid Video 3 | LED Liquid Video 4


Handpan by maestro ShamRock

The Hang is a melodic percussion instrument. Its primary sound is produced by vibrating tone fields described as acoustic membranes. The Hang also vibrates as a whole to produce sound on a secondary, but important, level. The instrument also acts as a Helmholtz resonator

Ariel Drumming

Dr. Shamrock leverages his experience to introduce new & customised concepts that are a perfect blend of rythm, colours & lights at heights – Sky drummers showcase jaw dropping formations aligned with powerful rhythm.
DEI offers a plethora of themes : Afro, Egyptian, Arabic, Marina or led themes.

Check out our perfromance – Ariel Drumming Video 1

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